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Ihr Spezialist für CNC Programmierungen & Ihr Partner für Komplettlösungen
your specialist in cnc programming & your partner for complete solutions
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We are a Services company that delivers individual parts and items, prototypes, small and large batches manufactured with CNC-Milling, -Turning and -Casting. We deliver high quality items conforming your concepts and ideas.

We do have more than 18 Years experience in the area of Metal, Plastic and Wood processing item production. For 12 Years we are in CNC programming of "5 Axes simultaneous multi-side processing".

We live our motto "Your success is our goal!"

Our modern equipment helps to realize your individual requirements.

Confidentiality: Trust is in the first place. It can be put in a strong partner only. Your vision, goal, philosophy and technology development progress are challenges and our main focus.

Our Philosophy: "Your Success is Our Goal!"
"Our Solutions Lead You to Success."
"We Satisfy Your Needs!"
"In Precision is Perfection."

Latest Software: One thing for sure, ... technology never stands still!
We use the cutting edge technology and develop with latest Software to deliver conforming to your requirements.

Economically and Efficiency: We are searching for the fastest and most cost-effective solution. Ally with us and give us the task for your items.
We concentrate on your competencies. We return your valuable time. The cost of overtime, planning and scheduling, programming and manufacturing we utilize to the fullest of you.

Flexibility: Our experience on various machines, with different machine controls, from the leading manufacturers, offer from the outset competency of high precision.
We deliver our services to your own and your customers expectations. We are always there for you!

Quality: To meet your quality expectations, we try to get the maximum performance out of production conform to your existing quality standards.

Fritz Leidel Jörg Zepf
 Herr Fritz Leidel  Herr Jörg Zepf
Roland Grenzebach
International Sales Agent
 Herr Roland Grenzebach